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December Through May This is the time of year that humpback whales make the journey from Alaska to Hawaii to mate and give birth. Did you know that whale calves may gain up to 100 pounds a day from nutrients in their mothers milk, even though adult whales don’t eat at all during their stay […]

If you visit the island of Maui, you really must find the time to snorkel Lanai and its many pristine underwater treasures. The Island of Lanai is Home to a More Varied Array of Wildlife Lanai is home to several different species of dolphin which usually greet us upon our arrival to the shores of […]

Surprisingly the neighbor island of Lana’i is actaually home to more than one species of dolphin. Lana’i is also home to far more of these intellegent and playful creatures than the island of Maui. Our Lanai snorkeling tours are a favorite among visitors and locals alike. We take small groups far from the beaten path to experience some […]

Can You Guess the Top 4 Must Do Activities on Maui? Lets Go! Snorkeling or Whale Watching Maui is home to a vast variety of marine life just waiting to be discovered. Snorkeling is the number one of the top 4 must do activities on maui. Snorkeling is availabe throughout the year all around Maui. […]

It’s a Maui Themed Birthday Birthday Gift! They Will Never Guess Whats in This Box You can book any of our vessels well in advance and tuck the gift certificate  in a beautiful card. We think it would be fun to wrap it up in a gift basket with some sunblock and a bright and […]

Believe it or not there are still a few of you out there that refuse to get out there and snorkel. While this is certainly true most of the fears or beliefs holding these folks back are baseless. Lets dispell some of these right now. Sharks, Eels, Jellyfish, Oh MY (snorkeling is safe) In reality […]

Our Maui whale watching tours will begin again this coming December. Six months may seem like a long way away, but it can sneak up on you. The Holiday season is one of the busiest in the Islands and it is wise to book your tour in advance. Imagine arriving here along with the whales […]

Maui Snorkeling is the highlight of many of our tours and for good reason. The waters surrounding Maui are crystal clear and usually glassy calm. The reefs below are breathtaking and home to colors that are beyond imagination. The volcanic formations below also allow for a kind of visual drama found nowhere else on earth. One of […]

One reason that there is such spectacular and abundant snorkeling available is the fact that Maui and Lanai are islands. While the legendary surf pummels the coast of one side of the island the other side lay serene and protected. This protection from the giant swells arriving from thousands of miles of open ocean allows corals […]

Maui Sunset Sails are an unbeatable experience, especially aboard our luxury sailing Yacht.  Set sail for two hours sightseeing around Ma‘alaea Bay aboard the Island Star. This is a great spot to do some real sailing as well as relax on the aft deck and watch the sky begin to develop into a breathtaking pallete of […]