maui snorkeling on Lanai

The winds are down and the sea is glassy, perfect for a little Maui snorkeling. Maui snorkeling is one of the reason that the readers of Conde’ Nast Traveller magazine name Maui the #1 island in the United States year after year. This year is no exception, Maui was just ranked #1 again! One factor that contributed the  spectacular and abundant snorkeling available is the fact that Maui and Lanai are islands. While the legendary surf pummels the coast of one side of the island the other side lay serene and protected. This protection from the giant swells arriving from thousands of miles of open ocean allows corals to grow and flourish. Both Maui and Lanai have so many little bays and cliffs that you can pretty much always find a protected spot to venture out for a Maui snorkeling experience.  Our trips can  leave from Lahaina and Maalaea harbors on the island of Maui.  The beauty of a private charter is that you can tailor the experience to your personal interests. You can choose from our three very different vessels. We have a luxurious 58′ Columbia sailboat called the Island Star. Another option is our flashy scarab speedboat, the Shooting star. We also have a high speed eco raft available. During whale season most trips are part whale watch. The channel between Maui and Lanai is dense with whales and we frequently stop to experience the whales, sometimes bu choice and sometimes because they get so close we must shut down our engines. Whales aren’t the only marine mammals we encounter either. Lanai’s waters are home to three different species of dolphins.