maui snorkeling

Our Maui snorkeling tours are an adventure all your own. All of our tours are aboard privately chartered vessels. We leave from Maui’s Maalaea harbor or from Lahaina harbor if you would like to snorkel Maui’s famed Honolua Bay. We provide the best way to experience world class snorkeling far from Maui’s popular road system snorkeling spots. We provide any equipment you may need as well as expert instruction. We also provide food and beverages. You just need to show up and we will wisk you. A popular destination is Lana’i which is home to several species of dolphin. They usually greet us and swim along for a while. If you visit between December and May, you can expect to see some whales as we cross the channel too. Lana’i is sparsely populated and the reefs are the healthiest and most pristine around Maui county. Lana’i and Honolua Bay are by far the best options in Maui snorkeling tours. The back side of the island is protected and offers a variety of different reef types, rock formations, and towering cliffs. Honolua Bay is famous for its reefs and clear blue water. The best snorkeling is quite a long swim from shore. Let us deliver you right to the best spots, just hop in.

maui snorkelingmaui snorkeling