maui whale watching season

There is a lot of talk about the Maui whale watching season being off to a slow start. We have noticed that they seem to be arriving a bit later this year, but there are definately whales out there. We have had some really spectacular whale watching trips in the last few weeks. The whales come and go from Maui’s waters from late November until May and patterns fluctuate over the years. No one really knows exactly what tells them when it is time to begin their migration. It could be that the Northern waters are a bit warmer and they are using the extra time to fatten up a bit more. Maybe El Nino has had some effect on currents and temperatures that signal to the whales when to move South. Word on the street is that the whales are reaching normal numbers here in Maui’s waters and Maui whale watching is soon to be in full swing. Each of our vessels may be privately chartered and all of our tours are fully cutomizeable. Our 58″ sailing yacht comes with a complete gally to make your culinary wishes come true. From BBQ to fine dining and to a full bar, we can make it happen.