Maui whale watching tours

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are officially in the swing of the holiday season. As we speak the Humpbacks that have spent the summer feeding in the cool Northern waters are beginning their journies South. They are not the only ones, you may be planning just such a journey. There are a few things to consider when planning your winter vacation, whether or not to go on a whale watch is not one of them. A Maui whale watching tour is a must!   Another special thing about our Maui whale watching tours is the variety of vessels  we operate. Our high speed eco rafts and high speed scarab speed boat are super fun and allow us to take you off the beaten path. We pride ourselves on finding our own whales to watch, we feel it is better for the whales as well as your individual experience. You can get better whale pictures when there aren’t 10 other boats in your whale photos. Our flagship, the 58′ Columbia sailing yacht “Island Star” is also available for whale watching. You could spend the day sailing, snorkeling, whale watching, sightseeing, and relaxing in luxury aboard her spacious accomodations both above and below deck.