Private Maui Whale Watch Charters.

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We specialize in Maui whale watching during humpback whale season and world class snorkeling and sailing adventures all year round. If you have been on Maui between Christmas and Easter, you have surely seen the splashes and blows from the shore. You really must get out on the water to truly experience the wonder of these mysterious whales. Their behaviors are complex and varied as well as often touching and awe inspiring. In this day in age where it seems that everything has been caught on tape, no one has ever documented a humpback giving birth.   You may be lucky enough to see one of these tiny little newborns being lifted to the surface to be reminded to take a breath or a short while later being taught to breach. It is relatively common in the height of whale season to see a cow breach only to be followed by a little mimic. Whales are mammals, which means that they nurse their young. Their milk is more than 35% fat and these calves drink more than 600 liters of milk per day for the first year, they grow very quickly. Mothers and calves stay together for around 12 months, it is often on the return trip the following year that the yearling breaks off on its own.  These mothers are very “hands on”, they teach their young by example. It is often the case that while nursing, teaching, and protecting her young she is being constantly pursued by competing males. There is a curious experience that is sometimes had aboard our vessels, it seems that when we are sitting dead in the water we may offer some sense of protection. We have often had mothers and calves tuck in very close under the hull of our boat or keep moving in such a way that places us between themselves and the pursuing males. There is no comparison between watching from shore and truly being in the thick of it  During whale season (Dec.-May) we offer trips 3 times a day aboard our ocean rafts and a myriad of private charter options on our 58′ sailboat, our scarab speed boat, and also our eco rafts. Aloha