Snorkel Maui shark fin

Dont worry, this awesome snorkeling spot gets its name from its distinctly shark fin shape alone. There are quite a few spectacular snorkeling spots around the island of Lanai and weather depending each one is a favorite. This spot offers such a variety of fishes and corals and you can snorkel all the way around the the formation. You can snorkel around and around if you like or head over to the cliffs that surround it. The variety of experiences in this one spot make it a must snorkel. The giant sea cliffs of Lanai meet the surface of the sea and create a completely different marine habitat from the nearby fin formation. This particular spot has so many different seascapes in one snorkeling area that you could easily spend several hours exploring the beauty beneath. Each of our vessels are available exclusively by private charter and can all be employed to take you to Maui’s best snorkeling locations. This is one of many great views to behold just beneath the crystal blue waters of Maui and Lanai. The views above the oceans surface aren’ bad either. Lana’i is home to massive sea cliffs and interesting sea caves and volcanic creations. The luxuriously green West Maui mountains are always the backdrop to ita all!