Everyone travels differently. Some people leave home with nothing more than a suitcase, a plane ticket, and a general idea of their final destination. Others plan months in advance and do extensive research before they leave home. Most, however, decide where to go and then do a bit of research and asking around. These days you can’t beat tripadvisor to give you a heads up about a potential activity. If Maui is your destination, you will surely want to get out on the water and explore the undersea life that surrounds Maui. Island Star Excursions takes you far from the beaten path to snorkel the pristine waters surrounding the island of Maui, Lana’i, and Molokai. If you will be on Maui between December and May you will want to spend some time whale watching. These magestic creatures make their return to Hawaii from the chilly Alaska waters to mate and birth and nurse their young. Seeing these whales up close is an incredible experience. Take a moment to look us up on Tripadvisor, we have received some stellar reviews. Reading others detailed reviews can also give you insight into what to expect on one of charters. Snorkeling and whale watching are an unbeatable way to spend your valuable vacation time.


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