snorkeling maui and lanai

There are many reasons why people go on vacation. One of the major ones is to relax and escape from the daily grind. Maui is a prime destination for so many reasons, one of which is “Maui time”. Everything moves a bit slower here and the gentle breezes carry the scent of tropical flowers and the sea. There is one activity you must try if you want to truly experience Maui and there is nothing more calming than slipping into the crystal blue waters around Maui and Lanai and snorkeling the day away. Snorkeling Maui and Lanai offers some of the most pristine snorkeling in the world. It’s not just reefs and fish but Hawaiian green sea turtles, rays, and several species of dolphin. This time of year (December – May) offers an added bunus to your snorkeling experience, Whales. You can often hear whale songs as you snorkel along. There is nothing more serene than watching the myriad tropical fish move below as you listen to the beautiful and mysterious songs of the North Pacific humpback whales. All of this is experienced against an unimagineable backdrop of soaring cliffs and untouched white sand beaches. Snorkeling Maui and Lanai will be an experience you can recall in you daydreams forever.